2024 Left Turn Track Group - "Machine's" Tracks

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Tracks by Garry Cross "Machine". Thanks for all who support me in any way. It has been a massive job building these tracks. Still a lot of work to do to get them up to the new rF2 PBR standards. But the initial track shape and operational stuff is mostly in place now.

I had to call this page something! Left Turn Track Group does not really exist, but I bought the domain a few years ago and spent a few hours knocking this up today. (9 Jan 2018) I am a web developer, so if you want a website, domains or hosting, visit gxpc.com.au

See more info and download tracks from Steam or Studio 397 Forum. I race at Stock Car Sim Racing.com

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1.0 Initial track builds were to convert/scratch build from rFactor 1 to rFactor 2

The latest 1.8 versions include changes to pit spots so cars are spread out along pit lane more like real life

League tracks includes some updates to original ISI tracks. Yellow lines and cones on pit exit & entry to better guide drivers into pits. Longer mirror view.

Las Vegas
New Hampshire
Watkins Glen